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Hari Raya Holiday

20 & 21. SEP for Hari Raya.


Body Massage & Single Treatment

***Body Massage***

A) FURUSATO Malay Massage
60min RM130 / 90min RM180
~Technique of pressure massage using oil to release muscle’s fatiguing.

B) FURUSATO Aromatherapy Massage
60min RM130 / 90min RM180
~Relaxing soft pressure massage using essential oil to release body stress.

***Single Treatment***

C) Foot Massage (Ankle) 30min RM50

D) Foot &Leg Massage (Knee) 40min RM80

E) Foot & Hand Massage 40min RM80

F) Neck, Back, Shoulder & Head Massage 40min RM80

G) FURUSATO Herbal Compress 30min RM60
~Back massage followed by “Herbal ball” compressing using natural herbal ingredient.

H) Facial Relaxation 60min RM100
~Traditional facial using cleanser, scrub, hot towel, massage & mask.
*Choice of mask:

1) Seaweed (Whitening)
2) Aloe vera (Sensitive/Sunburn)
3) Mud (Cleanse)

I) Body Scrub & Wrap 60min RM100
(Included Flower & lime bath)
~Body scrub & Wrap
*Choice of scrub:

1) Black rice
2) White rice, Turmeric powder

3) Coffee

*Choice of wrap:
1) Cucumber
2) Yoghurt
3) Carrot
4) Papaya

J) Traditional Boreh 60min RM130
(Included Flower & lime bath)
~Back oil massage followed by herbal body scrub for eliminating gas from body.

**Please tell us, if you have any allergy



1) Sunburn Cooling
1hr 30min RM180(1pax)/RM340(2pax)

*Oil head massage
*Body cooling with grated fresh coconut
*Wrap with banana leaves
*Aloe vera facial (10min)

*Aromatherapy bath

2) Nerita Style
2hrs RM220(1pax)/RM410(2pax)

*Body Massage
*Body Scrub & Wrap (Warming)

*Flower & lime bath

3) Murex Angel
2hrs 30min RM270(1pax)/RM510(2pax)

*Body massage
*FURUSATO herbal compress
*Body scrub &
Wrap (Cooling)
*Flower with milk bath

4) Teraba Pampering
3hrs 30min RM360(1pax)/RM680(2pax)

*Body massage
*Hair treatment
*Body scrub &
Wrap (Skin smooth)
*Flower with milk bath
*Facial relaxation

5) Mitra Paradise
4hrs RM400(1pax)/RM750(2pax)

*Body massage
*FURUSATO herbal compress
*Hair treatment
*Body scrub & Wrap (Sweet smell)
*Flower with milk bath
*Facial relaxation

**Please tell us, if you have any allergy